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Our graphics are often used in advertising,
and our software powers many websites.

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General Information

Celestine Studios deals primarily in computer graphics related projects and services. Our company was founded in 2001, and has since provided both production and training services to many clients. We provide services to a range of domestic and internation clients, working from our studio which is based near Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. Our service is friendly, and our rates are very competitive.

Our clients include:

  • Vancouver Giants - http://vancouvergiants.com
  • Backbone Entertainment - http://www.backb.com
  • Massif Creative - http://www.massif.ca
  • Annex Pro - http://www.annexpro.com/
  • Silverstone Media - http://www.silverstonemedia.com/
  • Eclipse Awards - http://www.eclipseonline.com
  • Channel M - http://www.channelm.ca www.channelm.ca
  • Digital Eclipse - http://www.digitaleclipse.com
  • Ordigraphe Technologies - http://ordigraphe.com
  • Andromeda - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andromeda_(TV_series)
  • Croft Agencies - http://www.croftagencies.com
  • Vancouver Institute of Media Arts - http://www.vanarts.com

Our services are mainly divided into production and support services. Click either of the links to find out more.

Open Source Software At Celestine Studios

We are proud users and proponents of free and open source software. It highly valued in all of our daily operations, and we contribute back to the community often. Most new code we create is licensed under the G.P.L. and we also help with other projects such as the K-3D 3D animation software package.


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