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Timmy's Little Trip

timmy grabs the ball

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An "Art" Film About Subjective Reality

This film explores the metaphysical idea of subjective realities. It is not inteded to be easy to understand. Because of the very deep and complex ideas involved, it is the sort of film that is best watched, then reflected upon, and then watched again.

The film was not created in order to be commercially viable, it is simply art for art's sake.

This short film was written and directed by Joe Crawford, the owner of Celestine Studios. Many other artists also helped in its creation.
It is available both as an online download and as a DVD. You can also find it on google video.

Since the video is quite long, it can take some time to download. You may wish to pause it at the begining, and then start playing it again once the rest of the film has downloaded.

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