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On Our Production Services

"Our partnership with Joe Crawford's Celestine Studios has been a rewarding, productive and successful one. Joe is a pleasure to work with as he not only has the patience and ability to understand your vision, but he also has the technical ability to make it a reality. Over the course of our project, Joe continually exceeded our expectations and helped push us in new directions. On the internet today, where the line between virtual and real is often blurred, it helps to have an experienced company like Celestine Studios on your side." - Toby Barazzuol, President, Eclipse Awards

"Joe and company were contracted to remodel an existing concept based on a very loose brief. They handled the job with total professionalism from start to finish leaving my client with a product interpreted to perfection. I would not hesitate to work with Celestine Studios on any future projects." - Ed Texier, Creative Director, Herringbone Design & Development.

"Joe Crawford is a consummate professional and can be fully relied on, whether it be for completing a wide range of different commercial projects, or for providing expert consulting services. We look forward to future collaborations with Joe and his studio." - Leo Chester, Owner, capsuledesigns

On Our Support And Training

"I worked with Joe for two years on a variety of projects. During that time I was constantly astonished by his problem solving and logic skills. Even now I rely on him for technical support. When our in house experts don't have answers I call on Joe." - Chris Holbrow, Backbone Entertainment

"Joe has gone above and beyond the call of duty to help his students. His dedication to helping people understand 3d graphics is unparalelled. Inside the classroom and after class Joe consistantly provided a wealth of knowledge and resources that far outweigh his obligation as a teacher. It was a pleasure having such a wonderful teacher." - Dan Dupton, Artist, Electronic Arts Canada

"Joe Crawford is a fountain of knowledge and an excellent teacher. For those seeking his help, he is available whether it is during or after sessions. His critiques are always honest and insightful; always with the goal of making everything the best it can be. His deep understanding of an assortment of complex software is coupled with a personable nature. He really sets the bar when it comes to what a teacher can and should be." - John Laakso, Character Artist, Electronic Arts Canada

"Not only is Joe an experienced industry professional but he is also a very talented teacher. His in depth knowledge of 3D programs and technical skills really helped me out of tight situations in the past. Joe's explanations are always clear and effective. If necessary, he never hesitates to explain the reasoning and nature of the problems and how to solve them in a way that I can understand. This way I can take that transferable knowledge and apply it to other applications on my own. Joe provided me with the best training a student could ask for." - Kevin Shi, Blue Castle Games

"Joe's dedication to teaching and his relentless pursuit of knowledge was a crtical staple in my education. His instruction was clear and his advice was always accurate. His problem solving wizardry is second to none and I feel very fortunate to have been taught by the best. Thanks Joe." - Colby Young, Artist, 3D Custom Foam

"Thank you so much for your help, Joe. Your constructive criticism made my work so much better, especially my lighting and my renders! You're never short of an answer and always eager to solve problems. It was great to be your student." - Petra Richli, Artist, Digital Extremes

"I have always looked upon Joe Crawford as a friend, a mentor, someone whom I know will help me in problem solving, be it modelling/texturing/animation/rendering/lighting, be it during class, after class or on the weekends. The most valuable piece of advise I got from him was on how an individual could learn to troubleshoot his own problems on his own rather than depending upon his/her peers/teachers all the time. It was a great experience being his student, something which i will cherish all my life. Thank You Joe." - Rajeev Jagasia, Artist, ANibrain Digital Technology

On Employment And Working At Celestine Studios

"Celestine Studios provides me with a great learning experience. The dynamic within the team allows me to grow both as an artist and as a professional. My input in our projects is well rewarded and our creativity flows from a relaxed work environment. I feel that working on projects of such a diverse scope is challenging and that's what I like the most. Celestine's work culture is why they're successful and why I enjoy being there." - Matt Vogt, Animator, Celestine Studios

On Joe Crawford's Teaching In The Classroom

The following testimonials were written by students shortly after they completed their classes with Joe Crawford.

"Having Joe as a teacher is like having the quickest most indepth textbook ever, he knows an amazing amount about maya, Blender, 3dsmax and other 3D software. As a mentor, he helped me troubleshoot and problem solve many types of issues, from concept to rendering. His methods improved my workflow. His cineamatic eye helped improve my demo reel's camera work and overall cinemetography. Joe was great to have as a mentor and teacher and would be an asset to any art team." -Lisa Fecko, Environment Artist, EAX

"Joe was one of those teachers that never let you down and never let you give up. It didn't matter what problem you were having, Joe seemed to always have the answer. Even on the rare occasion when he wasn't certain, he was always willing to take the extra time and help you find a solution. I have never had a teacher as devoted to his class as Joe was. It wasn't uncommon for him to wander into the building late at night, just to see if anyone needed an extra hand or had a question. Joe is an outstanding teacher and an awesome friend that I know I will always be able to count on. Thanks Joe, you the man!" Chad Milam, Student

"Above and beyond should be Joe's personal motto! Joe helped me understand many 3D/2D software programs when I had absolutely no prior experience. Even to this day he still helps me when I have questions and I am no longer a student of his. So when all else fails, it's nice to know I can rely on my friend Joe Crawford. He always seems to have a solution. Thanks to Joe, I now have the skills to begin an exciting new career." - Branden Brushett, Student

"Joe Crawford has a dedication rarely seen in most teachers. Willing to go the extra mile for a student, Joe exemplifies what a teacher should be. Although his knowledge, understanding, and experience with digital arts is immense, his best asset is this hunger to help others learn." - Brian Donley, Sony Entertainment (Earlier, brian was once a staff member at Celestine Studios.)

"Possibly one of the most dedicated instructors and Guru of 3D in the Vancouver area, Joe has left an outstanding impression on me. Joe is a very focused logical guy whom is constantly striving to make his peers and students more informed in the world of 3D. Joe has a very professional demeanor and charming personality. It is no secret that Joe was working at Mainframe when he was just 16. This should put into perspective Joe's plethora of 3D knowledge and his respected status in the industry today. I have had the pleasure of seeing Joe work in crunch time and can say that he is one of the calmest calculating individuals i have ever met. I would highly advise [using] Joe for both a Professor or Specialist position." - David Hughes, Student


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